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Erin and I work side-by-side on the Feedme personal Superfeed app. Erin has become one of my most trusted advisors, she's an amazing communication coach and strong leader. She single-handedly developed a palpable culture for Feedme. She leads the charge in our product messaging, public relations, investor relations and brand identity. She spearheaded Feedme's entry into a "Shark Tank"-style competition at Freedom Fest 2019 where Feedme won the grand prize and great public notoriety.

Beyond her amazing talents, she is a lovely God-honoring women. In my nearly 40 year career there are only a few individuals that I can say helped shape my career, Erin is one

- Chief Technology Officer

Erin brings talent, energy, creativity, innovation, and intelligence to her work. She is poised and well-spoken in presenting to audiences and conveys a sense of high-energy enthusiasm.

- Executive Vice President of Strategy Implementation

Erin’s ability to persuasively and effectively communicate her ideas in written and oral form is one of her strengths.  She not only consistently communicates her knowledge in both written and oral form, she is also skilled at “packaging” content so as to direct other people’s activities.

She is absolutely servant oriented and passionately committed to victory, excellence and stewardship.  She is gracious and kind and encouraging in her attitude, speech and behavior.

The amount of work accomplished and with excellence is nothing short of amazing.

- Chief Marketing Officer (Team Leader)

I couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to assimilate information and then communicate it in words that people can understand.

- Senior Vice President of Legal

Erin’s work is a rare example of wit and quality from our side.

- Ally

You always make me laugh and feel appreciated.  Every time I tell someone in the office I work under you, they have nothing but good things to say about you.

- Marketing Assistant

Erin is very bright, she is a voracious learner, she pursues projects with vigor, and she gets along well with a team.

- Attorney

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